Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turqoise Mode

Location: Botanical Park, Putrajaya
Again,boring purple pants that I match with ‘Baju Kurung’..without it long skirt. Actually this dress comes with it KAIN. I don’t know, I am just a simple M. NASIRJ wearing what I have in wardrobe.
This dress is cotton material. It comes with its long skirt, but I just wear it like this. It will make my walk easier.

I’m wearing turquoise scarf. It match well with the puple pants..(said earlier, my purple pants can get along with all clothes). Can you see something on top of my hijab? I sew it with all my passion. I blend my creativity and my mode was almost dead when this design not as what I think. The hardest part was the folded ribbon. Maybe some said it was simple, but I am novice tailor..(start to sew with simple thing)

No need to tell further about my pants…

I am wearing black flat heels with green rosey pinned on. I feel confident because the green view made my day

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