Make Up

Edisi Khas:
Untuk solekan, kali ini PERSONA bawakan edisi khas dimana step by step dan  muka bajet PERSONA menjadi penghias bagi isu kali ini..
Ni muka suci..tak ada tampal apa-apa..

Gaya gedik yang tidak pernah ku lakukan seumur hidup..(**ni nk show make-up tips saja sebenarnya ya!!)

Selepas diberi sentuhan..kena step by step..mata, kening, pipi baru bibir.

Macam-macam gaya, layan ajelah ye..


Another Touch up from me..
This is 40’s mother.. a client with no pores on her face. She asked to do simple make-up and you’ll see yourself the result…

This model want me to take her into smokey eyes mode…so how about it?

 Refreshing TIME :) 

Another refreshing session to sharpen my skills.
I don't know why I put that tagline on my head..hargh2..

 From left : Amie (my teammate), model 1, model 2, n me (the 'selekehiest') ;p

Can you spot the difference? For me? Yes, I saw it!

This model had a few problems on her face. But, sure after getting some touch up, all the pimp can be thrown out.

::PINK mode::

::Chocolate fav:: 

::Nature Lover::


Make-Up for Serious Agenda

Honestly, I am a person that doesn’t love heavy make-up on my face. I am the simple one. But, I used tp join make up classes for my passion in doing some business. Yes, I am serious.. This is my make-up classes attended somewhere in November.

You can see the difference here. Before and after. But I believe, natural beauty is something that divine.