Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peach Mode

Assalamualaikum all..

Nature lover..here it comes…………..wieee

Why am I looking like that? So fierce and angry? I don’t know how to pose the photogenic face and yet it looks fierce on me. Assume this amateur model just trying to have fun..hehe..:)

Actually, this cloth are made of India Turban. Someone gave this to my dad and because the colour was so striking, he’s not having it to perform solah.
I don’t know why my face look so blur. It is so sunny and yet cloudy too. Which one is it? Wish I could take my shade :P .

Awkward style..Omai..i am Innocent!

Can you see my hijabband? I sewed a simple things that last night where the ribbons “Di tocang-tocangkan” and again sewed with pink and crème beadsJ
Heels? Yeah, the previous one that I wore..
Enjoy the panorama.. My DSLR fall in love with natural envy..and PERSONA got the perfect result! Only the amateur model need to polish well :p 

 credited to Mr. 3A for all this photos...

Purple Mode

Assalamualaikum all..
My pose is M. Nasir Style..I just pick the comfort outfit even it is not pair together :p Overall, I feel free. Yeahh..:) 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Red Mode

Location: Tampok River, Johore
This a place where fisherman doing their business. It is quite nostalgic to posed in this area. I’m wearing red ‘baju kurung moden’ with white and golden beads.

I’m wearing an extraordinary hijabband with a touch of golden embroidery on it. It match well with crème hijab.

I’m wearing heels from VOIR. It is Malaysian made and so far, I bought 3 pieces of this collection.

Handbag? Actually I don’t even like to wore them. But for this session, POLO is great with my appearance.

Green Mode

Location: Perdana Hill, Batu Pahat, Johore
My mode that day to posed white J I love nature, so Perdana Hill is the perfect place to do this outdoor session. Look at my outfit. I’m wearing white ‘bajukurung moden’ with green beads. Actually, this is my convocation outfit on early 2009.

Look at my hijab. I put white hijabband on it and it is suit with my green hijab.

I’m wearing white shoe with some black touch. It is SONATA brand.

Green and white are the perfect combination isn’t ?

I love nature..

I am holding the bluish flower made from rattan. I bought this at MAHA carnival, Negeri Sembilan craft shoppe.

White Mode

Location: Benut Mosque, Johore
Model wearing a ‘baju kurung’ with tiny flower on it. She loves simple style and with this, it make her like ‘Sweet 17’ even she is notJ

Model wearing white shawl with colorful beads on it.

Green Mode

Location: D studio, Johore
With a touch from me, she have special look on her face. Model wearing green abaya.

White suit well with baby green and she pose very well too.

Model wore white heel. She has a perfect match from top to toe.

Model is holding a pink flower made from rattan. So cute with this shooting.

Grey Mode

Location: Tampok River, Johore

I love to put this style on Office outfit. It looks confidence yet showing that  muslimah can wear pants too.

Just look at the shawl. It printed with abstract color. It is nice with plain cloth.

Orange Mode

Location: Sungai Pinggan, Benut, Johore
All of you had view a plus sized model wore an orange mode. What about thin model? Obviously, orange is a great color to play with. Model is wearing an orange baju kurung. It is simple touch yet look so cute. Model holding a posy roses for ‘Pengantin Barakah’J

Purple mode

Location: Benut Mosque, Johore
Again, purple take my mode. This purple outfit bought from AKSARA collection.

I’m wearing black TOP HEELS. Black is nice with purple I guess.

I’m wearing flowery hijab and I add hijabband there make my appearance so unique.

Blue Mode

Location: Big River village, Johore
This time I brought a mix and match session. Shes wearing blue and white outfit. It is a great combination if you love simple style.

Hijabband? She’s wearing the same as mineJ

Model wore a sporty style shoe. It make her confident with her walk.

Purple mode

Location: Sungai Pinggan, Benut, Johore
Purple take its role again seems it was friendly with environment. Model wearing a short purple abaya with grey pants. The short abaya presents a crowded flower on it, and it shows a great couture in the making.  The grey pants design in straight cutting pattern to allow a tall model look elegance in her own way. The color combination match well. A purple shawl match the whole appearance and light the confidence aura.