Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Copycat mode

Location: Petrol station, Senggarang
Look at my hijab style. Isn’t it different? After peeking on some hijab sites, I try to put it on, and this is the result. All of you can visit the site http://afikahpkaws.blogspot.com if  I am not mistaken. But my copycat was totally different from her. I'm just confident with that.
This pants is dark brown pants. Leg cutting with big pocket at the back. Credited to my lovely mother. When she sewed this pants, the only things that came to her mind to make the big pocket is only for make my life more easier when I want to put my wallet, my car key, and what ever things. So big I tell you. But she is the best tailor.

Long dress with printed batik. It is a caftan(Baju tidur/ Pajamas), but I don’t want to make it rigid as it just nice on bed. I am twisting the style and paired with red cardigan. Still I am nice in front of my dearest love.

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