Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ahlan wa-Sahlan

Assalamualaikum and have a great day all womens in the world J Alhamdulillah, first blog about fashion, hijab, style, make-up  and photography finally running by my own self..its a little bit hectic because all was done by myself. From prepare my different material for fashion, being creative for hijab fashion (sewing, doing some info searching in internet, create something new and different), capturing the picture (sees the nicest place to snap a good picture with good scenery), beg my model (my sister and my friends to give me a good pose, dress properly with current trends), make-up (attending make up classes, searching  how to do shading on cheek bone and nose, bought some make up stuffs that cost me a hundred bucks).. you see, I put too many efforts in here. I am so serious about my business. Anyone who wish to get my stuff (different hijab style accessories, InshaAllah I will decorate it with my passion), anybody who wish to get my service for photography, I will try to work on it. Anyone who wish to get my make-up services for engagement/ wedding, I will try my best dear. I am attending a make-up classes, so do just believe me.

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