Thursday, November 25, 2010


Alhamdulillah. For the second day launching of my blog, there are total of two hundred over readers who read my blog. My friends is the strongest supporter I had. They give positive comments and supportive opinion. Most proud of it, there comes from different country such as Turkey, US, South Africa. Here is my traffic as at 1.22 a.m 26 November 2010.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blue Mode

Location: in my adobe PINK
Pink background and blue set in finest tone. This picture taken a years back.

 The soft of sea blue ‘Baju Kurung Moden’ is design and sewed by my lovely mother. Adapting the style from firstlady shoppe. The beads was sewed by me.

I am wearing white hijab. Still ‘Jorjet Hijab’ is my favourite and ‘Bundle style’ adapted during my studies at UiTM Jengka, Pahang.  

 I am wearing white heels. White is nice and SUCI

Copycat mode

Location: Petrol station, Senggarang
Look at my hijab style. Isn’t it different? After peeking on some hijab sites, I try to put it on, and this is the result. All of you can visit the site if  I am not mistaken. But my copycat was totally different from her. I'm just confident with that.
This pants is dark brown pants. Leg cutting with big pocket at the back. Credited to my lovely mother. When she sewed this pants, the only things that came to her mind to make the big pocket is only for make my life more easier when I want to put my wallet, my car key, and what ever things. So big I tell you. But she is the best tailor.

Long dress with printed batik. It is a caftan(Baju tidur/ Pajamas), but I don’t want to make it rigid as it just nice on bed. I am twisting the style and paired with red cardigan. Still I am nice in front of my dearest love.

Turqoise Mode

Location: Botanical Park, Putrajaya
Again,boring purple pants that I match with ‘Baju Kurung’..without it long skirt. Actually this dress comes with it KAIN. I don’t know, I am just a simple M. NASIRJ wearing what I have in wardrobe.
This dress is cotton material. It comes with its long skirt, but I just wear it like this. It will make my walk easier.

I’m wearing turquoise scarf. It match well with the puple pants..(said earlier, my purple pants can get along with all clothes). Can you see something on top of my hijab? I sew it with all my passion. I blend my creativity and my mode was almost dead when this design not as what I think. The hardest part was the folded ribbon. Maybe some said it was simple, but I am novice tailor..(start to sew with simple thing)

No need to tell further about my pants…

I am wearing black flat heels with green rosey pinned on. I feel confident because the green view made my day

Green Mode

Location: Danga Bay, Johor Bahru
I am here to pose my style too. Honestly, I don’t have many slack pants to match with my dress. This is the one and only which match with anything. As u can see, the color is dark purple, but yet still fine with my green dress.
The handbag is unique and stylish too. I love stylish thing. It doesn’t mean stylish things have to be expensive. This stuff is made by local people which doing traditional craft. Just look at the color, it is green and white. It is nice. I used to put my ‘telekung’ inside but to used it as a handbag, it is cute and stylish too. I am helping Malaysian product actually.

 The heels was so nice, stylish and trendy. This heels was bought via online at if Im not mistaken. It comes from Italy and brazil made. With brown and golden, it look match and fabulous.

The dark green cloth actually comes with long skirt. It is ‘Baju Kurung Moden’ but I preferred to match it with my purple long pants.

I was using a unique extension on my Bawal Hijab too. It was so so fine. When I bump with my friends, they asked me, where did I get the bawal? Very stylish. Actually it is depends on my creativity. I used to go to tailors shop, and get some beads, ribbons and other cool stuff there)

Orange Mode

Location: Botanical Park, Putrajaya

Who said plus sized model can’t wear such color? It look nice on her.  She comes from a distance to completed my mission. I am totally thank her for being so cool and ‘layan my kepala’.

 Model wearing a ‘Baju Kurung’ with orange touch. In a pleasant environment, surrounded by green mode, orange color  took its place. Calm, confident and elegance.

Hijab style just ‘sarung aje’ (just put it on!) simple and look well on round face.

Model is wearing white wedges. Isn’t it fashionable? No need to buy other heels, just put what you got and it will look cool on you.

Chocolate favourites

Location: In my adobe GREEN
Here it comes when it goes to Office attire. Mix and match will be fine as long as you are confident.

Actually I don’t have many shirt in my wardrobe. This brownish shirt ‘inherit’ from my brother era..haha..:)

See my pants? It is dark brown pants with leg cutting. It was created a little bigger than my leg to hide my skinny legJ

Hijab that I wore is a double layer hijab that made paired. U’ll find the awning inside and the layer outside.

Pinkish Abaya

Location: Mangosteen Farm, Kampung Sungai Besar, Johor

This model is a newbies. She is tall, and photogenic. Yet, it was easy to ask her doing the best pose for my photography shoot.

As u can see, model is wearing a pink abaya/ Jubah merah Jambu. I just put a light make-up on her, and she look absolutely gorgeous!

 Abaya style is very simple. Just put it on without additional long skirt. It is match with bawal hijab (tudung bawal) as malay saying ‘ Tidak luput ditelan dek zaman’. Actually, I love Bawal Hijab. It is very simple and natural.

 Model wearing flat white heels. Good pick of shoe because she is a students that walk mostJ

Ahlan wa-Sahlan

Assalamualaikum and have a great day all womens in the world J Alhamdulillah, first blog about fashion, hijab, style, make-up  and photography finally running by my own self..its a little bit hectic because all was done by myself. From prepare my different material for fashion, being creative for hijab fashion (sewing, doing some info searching in internet, create something new and different), capturing the picture (sees the nicest place to snap a good picture with good scenery), beg my model (my sister and my friends to give me a good pose, dress properly with current trends), make-up (attending make up classes, searching  how to do shading on cheek bone and nose, bought some make up stuffs that cost me a hundred bucks).. you see, I put too many efforts in here. I am so serious about my business. Anyone who wish to get my stuff (different hijab style accessories, InshaAllah I will decorate it with my passion), anybody who wish to get my service for photography, I will try to work on it. Anyone who wish to get my make-up services for engagement/ wedding, I will try my best dear. I am attending a make-up classes, so do just believe me.