Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Green Mode

Location: Danga Bay, Johor Bahru
I am here to pose my style too. Honestly, I don’t have many slack pants to match with my dress. This is the one and only which match with anything. As u can see, the color is dark purple, but yet still fine with my green dress.
The handbag is unique and stylish too. I love stylish thing. It doesn’t mean stylish things have to be expensive. This stuff is made by local people which doing traditional craft. Just look at the color, it is green and white. It is nice. I used to put my ‘telekung’ inside but to used it as a handbag, it is cute and stylish too. I am helping Malaysian product actually.

 The heels was so nice, stylish and trendy. This heels was bought via online at http://ausedofanatomy.blogspot.com if Im not mistaken. It comes from Italy and brazil made. With brown and golden, it look match and fabulous.

The dark green cloth actually comes with long skirt. It is ‘Baju Kurung Moden’ but I preferred to match it with my purple long pants.

I was using a unique extension on my Bawal Hijab too. It was so so fine. When I bump with my friends, they asked me, where did I get the bawal? Very stylish. Actually it is depends on my creativity. I used to go to tailors shop, and get some beads, ribbons and other cool stuff there)

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