On Dec 4th 2010, I was given the trustworthy to shoot an Outdoor shooting, Khatam Al-Qur’an ceremony, and Akad Nikah for my best friend. (SHE's hiring me for the whole day!!)
Title : Khatam Al-Qur’an Ceremony
The bride start counting the nerve. Time tick very fast. It was no joke when it comes to this closest hictoric moments. Both are not couple. They are siblings. In Malay tradition (Islam), anyone who’ll get married, must at least read Al-Qur’an kareem. This is done by celebrating them in Khatam Al-Qur’an Ceremony. You all can see the bride there. Its like an Arabic theme. The Hijab, the outfit. The make up is simple for an originality it personnel for reading Al-Qur’an Kareem.

Title: Akad Nikah
White is glowing, white is pure and white is mesmerizing.  White is synonym with those who want the simplicity. I know this time, the tears going to burst to bride, her parents either her best friends. The couple are main attraction so, it has to be cool and calm to control the situation. Finally, SHE is belong to HE. Congratss dila & zul.

Title: Outdoor Shooting
Location: Sungai Pinggan, Benut, Johore
Just see how white took it place. It is a focal points where she looks gorgeous surround by green mode. It’s very local view with calm and peaceful scenery. Camera fall in love with this location. The bride having solo session without groom. The groom already came back home because he is crying, he is nerve to death when he’s proposing the Akad Nikah. Special thanks dedicated to Amy and Mira for lend me their hand in this outdoor session. Good job team!

:: Omai..omaii.. I love this picas very2 much!! Credited to me!!::