Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peach Mode

Assalamualaikum all..

Nature lover..here it comes…………..wieee

Why am I looking like that? So fierce and angry? I don’t know how to pose the photogenic face and yet it looks fierce on me. Assume this amateur model just trying to have fun..hehe..:)

Actually, this cloth are made of India Turban. Someone gave this to my dad and because the colour was so striking, he’s not having it to perform solah.
I don’t know why my face look so blur. It is so sunny and yet cloudy too. Which one is it? Wish I could take my shade :P .

Awkward style..Omai..i am Innocent!

Can you see my hijabband? I sewed a simple things that last night where the ribbons “Di tocang-tocangkan” and again sewed with pink and crème beadsJ
Heels? Yeah, the previous one that I wore..
Enjoy the panorama.. My DSLR fall in love with natural envy..and PERSONA got the perfect result! Only the amateur model need to polish well :p 

 credited to Mr. 3A for all this photos...

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  1. Gorgeous pictures dear & I looove the location, it's amazing!! :)