Saturday, November 12, 2011


Dear readers

I am very sad of myself because during judgment day of my contest some of the fashionista bloggers does not exist?anymore. I admit maybe they are tired of waiting..tick tock tick tock and change URL..and...bored and bla-bla.....but I have my own problems. And what so surprised...some of my contestant already boom! from nerdy to from single to being married..from 2 become 4 in their family.....MasyaAllah!!How late I am..:'o

and guess what..I have selected the winners. Thanks for your loyalty!

the Winners for MUSLIMAH BERGAYA

Miss Pika, I mailed you and hope that u'll respond back shortly.

All contestant, don't be sad/disappointed... all of you still got a chances to work with me one day. InsyaAllah



  1. seriously?! terima kasih for select me as the winner. tapi saya tak dapatlah email itu

  2. miss pka,
    ni baru berkesempatan nk membuka internet.
    email data di
    I am waiting ya?