Saturday, November 19, 2011

I like my age!

Aku sudah tua, tetapi selalu saja dianggap muda oleh orang yang ternampak/terserempak dan mengenali. Maybe coz I got babyface look. erk..:p Orang selalu saja kata aku berumur 17/18 and even worst 15 tahun...FADE UP!!!!! Aku suka orang panggil aku kakak, because yes I am older than you!
btw, here are some pics that I do love to kept telling 2 myself, that this style is more matured and covered. :)
 Sewaktu majlis pernikahan anak buah ku....(see, how old I am...)

 In my whole life,....ever....nobody says that I am getting 30..NOBODY. I always got the same assumption and same question..How's your SPM? PMR? Come on..I am graduated long time ago....I am employed at Ministry before...I am employed for Immigration task under T.C before....I am older than you!! I am happy with my age sistah...There are so many obstacles stumbling roughly and turn my life upside down resulted from my life experience..and that is why I love my age.


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