Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shoe Addicted!

Assalamualikum All.
Dear all readers, I am very sorry because not updating a fashion style lately on my blog. I’ve shift my career to international company plus  I’ve lost my data in external hard disk. Its all corrupted! –hell yeah:: Technology cannot be trusted:: To calm myself, here is sneak peak about some items that I found out to be cool and stylish. Thought to buying this   someday, InshaAllah. (After gaji masuk :D) This can be reviewed from Forever 21 shoppe. Happy reading girls J
Bootie? U’ll look different and people will stare much at your fashion style. This is Studded Accentds from Forever 21.
Whoa...Leatherette dress shoe ladies...I’m in love oii...:)
Whoa...Leatherette dress shoe ladies...I’m in love oii...:)
It’s too perfect for winter with this leatherette finish and mock stacked wooden heel..
Chick leatherette bootie with folded cuff. Beautiful isn’t ?
V-shaped shoes that I can’t control myself from seeing it! Stiletto heel is timeless fashion.

That’s all for now..daaa....

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